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In today's world, integrating technology into the curriculum and school life has become a crucial goal for educational institutions. Cultivating our students as individuals with the skills required by the digital age is one of our fundamental priorities. The proper integration and use of technology as a natural part of educational environments are of critical importance for the success of investments made in this field.


The Private Schools Association of Turkey, as the IT Commission, has decided to organize the Educational Technologies Conference to follow international standards, current practices, and new approaches in educational technologies. The aim is to share good examples implemented by our teachers and to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge.

The target audience for the conference includes teachers from various disciplines, administrators, decision-makers, IT managers, education technologists, and teachers who serve as technology leaders in their schools. This conference will play a significant role in shaping the roadmaps of schools planning to invest in technology.


Schools and teachers participating in the conference will share their good practices in the effective use of technology through presentations and workshops. Establishing connections during the conference is intended to facilitate ongoing knowledge exchange among participants in the future. Additionally, the inclusion of booths for stakeholder technology companies will allow participants to explore and gain experience with new technologies.

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